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The system is built on web technologies. This allows using it remotely from any computer connected to the Internet. The core of the system is written in Java language, while user interface was written in PHP. Any database supporting ANSI SQL standard can be used as the system's database.

The system automatically scans the sources connected to the core, detects new publications and extracts them. Then the system parses the documents, according to their format and forms index tables, generating word-document relations. The software core architecture, data traveling around software modules, as well as the links between modules and their functions are shown on the picture below:

Image.1 Web-Observer software core architecture

To launch the system the following preinstalled software is required (the estimates were made on conditions that 500 information sources are connected to the system):

N Item Value Comments
1 Operational system Linux 7.2 and higher  
2 Database Oracle 8i (8.1.3 or 9) Used as basic. Possibility to transfer to another, e.g. free database.
3 Application server 1 Java JDK 1.3 and higher  
4 Application server 2 PHP 4.1  
5 Inbound channel width 256 kB  
6 Outbound channel width 128 kB  
7 Monthly traffic 3-4 Gb  

Recommended server configuration:

Name Type Q-ty
Mother Board Intel SE7500CW2 SCSI "Clearwater" (Dual Xeon, E7500 chipset, up to 8Gb memory ECC DDR200, dual 10/100 LAN & video on board, single Ultra160 SCSI controller, ATA RAID controller) 1
CPU Intel PIV XEON 2,4GHz / 512Kb / 400 FSB 2
Memory Transcend DDR 512Mb PC2100 registered 4
HDD, SCSI Seagate Cheetah 36Gb, 10000rpm, 4Mb cache, 80pin 4
FDD 3,5" 1.44Mb 1
Video Adapter on board 1
Computer Case Supermicro SC-742S-420 (420W, 4x5.25", 7 x hot-swap Ultra 320 SCSI drive bays, 2x9cm FAN, 1x12cm FAN, 19" 4U rackmount (Rackmount kits required)) 1
CD-ROM LG 52x 1
RAID-controller AMI Express 500 U160 RAID / 1-Ch / i960RM / 100MHz / 64Mb 1
Network on board 2
Other Rackmount kits for SC-742S 1
Possible version RAID controller RAID AcceleRAID-170 Ultra160 0-5 i960RM 100MHz 1Ch. Cache 32Mb OEM