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With all the millions of kilobytes of information appearing every day on the net, the Internet has become more and more like to a reflection of our real life. Now the Internet is accepted as being an unlimited source of primary data for analysis of different kind of real time processes.

There is no need to argue the advantages of new technologies but the Internet's information richness has become a problem in searching for the required information efficiently. Vertical personalized systems, which are oriented to the specific business activity of the Company, could be ideal solution for the problem of efficient real-time information retrieval.

According to industry analysts IDC, an enterprise employing 1,000 knowledge workers wastes $48,000 per week or nearly $2,5 million per year, due to an inability to locate and retrieve information. For global corporations the importance rises ever higher of being able to efficiently share large financial, technical and marketing files between employees and across partners spread throughout the world.

Time spent with public search engines for information gathering and preliminary processing has become equal to the traditional search process. This results in dramatically reducing the effectiveness of using advanced technologies and the overall efficiency of whole enterprise and increases its vulnerability to unfair competition or simple discrediting.