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If you have questions, answers to which you couldn't find on the Web-site, please, contact the developer at the following e-mail: Below you will find the list of frequently asked questions with short answers.

Question: What information software does your company presently offer?

Answer: Our company developed and legally certified the information software Web Observer. The product allows performing automatic collection of publications and monitoring electronic information sources. The result is a tailored news stream, corresponding to user-specified search criteria. The system automatically delivers the found information to the user's e-mail or cell-phone via SMS.

Besides Web-Observer, we developed the system of Web-site structure and content management 'Web Logic Publishing', allowing the user to change the structure and the content of his Web-site with the help of WYSIWYG editors, which do not require any special knowledge on web development and programming.

Question: What are the general characteristics of Web-Observer?

Answer: The main service is performed by a web-agent, which browses hundreds of thousands publications and chooses only those which are necessary for the user's work. The adjustment of the product to important for a user sources of information and flexible customizable multilevel filters allow excluding "information trash" from custom sets of publications and notification messages. The number of primary information sources is virtually unlimited. Efficient implementation of the corporate version of the product can be achieved even on the server of medium performance.

Question: What main disadvantages of free search engines did you manage to avoid when developing your product?

Answer: The main disadvantage of search engines is their inability to sort new documents in the database from the old ones. Hence, if the same search operation with the same search parameters is repeated day-by-day, it only "boosts" the resulting list. Week spot of traditional search engines is also the rare periodicity of browsing mass media websites - newspapers, television and radio stations. Therefore the results of the queries seldom contain the links to materials from frequently updated sources. In general, Internet-monitoring, which is based on utilization of search engines is extremely labor-intensive, expensive and defective in terms of receiving efficient and complete information. Only specialized monitoring system Web-Observer can provide actual and timely selection of publications as it searches only fresh information in real-time unlike weekly intervals, creating reports and notifying the user. Utilization of the product allows the company to reduce expenses for Internet-traffic, when the employees use internal corporate information database.

Question: What is the uniqueness of Web-Observer?

Answer: Absolute correspondence of monitoring results to search queries, capabilities of the system allowing adding and editing the rules for custom sets of publications, accumulating of the obtained materials, creating and supporting the internal corporate informational system. All this allows to position Web-Observer as a unique product on the market of informational systems.

Question: Does Web-Observer provide one service or it allows solving additional tasks? Is it possible to add additional information sources?

Answer: The modules included in the system allow to solve various user tasks. The functional organization of the product contains an informational system, collecting the updates of publications in real-time, monitoring system, filtering news stream according to the user's needs and notifying him, and flexible search tools, helping search in the accumulated database. In case the basic coverage is insufficient or a client wants to monitor highly-tailored Web-sites and forums, the core of the product can be adjusted to the necessary sources by our support service. The number of possible information sources is virtually unlimited and the cost of additional adjustments corresponds to the quantity and complexity of the sources structure.

Besides functions inherent in the product interface, it is also possible to create corporate subsystems of information export to public or private (internal) information portal of the company.

Question: In which configurations is Web-Observer presented?

Answer: Presently Web-Observer is offered in two configurations:

  • Full version product and its deployment on the client side.
  • Lease of the software (i.e. development of remote system), when users access the system via Web interface (i.e. via the Internet).

Question: Do you plan to carry out upgrades or new releases of the system if any?

Answer: : Of course, we'd like to stay tuned and always do our best to meet our customers' requirements. These days we present new demo site of the system with improved content filling, increased number of sources connected and new features available to end-users. Please, visit our new demo site at and enjoy your free trial.

For detailed pricing information on implementation and maintenance of the software, please, contact the sales personnel.