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Utilization of the product automates the processes of retrieving, structuring, search and analysis of business-specific information, which in turn allows:

  • Executives
    To trace problem areas and industry trends.
  • Press service
    To monitor company coverage in mass media; track false information; generate statistic reports based on the information acquired.
  • Brand and product management
    To trace competitive advantages and disadvantages of products, research customers' opinion and preferences.
  • Sales managers
    To detect new partnership opportunities, trace the information on tenders or competitors, existing customers, and attract new ones.
  • Marketing & PR Departments
    To track the results of PR campaigns and branding; analyse competitiveness and information presence of the company; trace the information on market competitors; evaluate mass media object's perception, trace time history of customers object's perception by regions and many more.
  • Company knowledge management
    To bring all information flow and corporate documents together into unified database, automatically categorize documents and hold semantic search of information, that employees need, exclude work duplication inside a company which is very important with large representative network, use effectively accrued company knowledge.

The product completely provides the process of continuous monitoring of profile information, its aggregation, delivery and possibility of efficient work from any computer connected to the Internet. The software part of the system with the help of customizable filters and flexible system of their management allows to form and deliver only relevant information, pertaining to the scope of customer's interest.