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Corporate deployment

With the corporate deployment the whole program complex is installed on the server of customer and users gain access to the system via Internet or via LAN.

This option is meant for big companies, possibly with remote offices that demand much of information monitoring and processing of accumulated information. Finport Ltd. provides installation and system's initial set up on the server, technical personnel training and technical support free of charge during the first three months of deployment of the system. The Corporate solution includes all standard modules of the system, editor and system administrator interfaces. Moreover, Finport Ltd. provides customers with desired special functions free overpatching that do not exceed 10% in total of the whole amount of system purchase. Payment is made once in convenient for customer way.

Corporate deployment allows our customers to adapt system resources according to their requirements. It concerns both resulting documents - statistic reports, Word converter - and special functions, such as: databases intelligent processing, constructing digests on predetermined topics that consist of unique semantic reports, semantic documents classification, creating information portraits of objects and their connections etc.

Leased/remote application (ASP-model)

This option means that program modules would be installed on the servers of Finport Technologies. Users gain access to the system via Internet. The system would be fully adopted according to the client request: needed sources connected, unique rubrics developed etc. Users are provided with training and technical support. This option reflects the needs of small to medium sized companies because of the low annual fee and suitable terms of payment. The leased system can be implemented in two variants:

  • Standard package, includes the standard set of modules (Latest news, Custom newsfeeds, Newsfeed editor, and Statistics)
  • Advanced package, includes editor and administrator back-ends besides standard set of modules. Editorial backend is intended for manual insertion of publications whish cannot be retrieved by the system automatically. Administrator back-end is intended for performing the following administrating functions: user accounts management, management of categories and glossaries, sources management, template editing, etc.